a little behind!

has anyone noticed that my last blog post was SEPTEMBER?? well, if you have, I’m sorry. if you haven’t, then ignore that first sentence:)I’ve been insanely, crazy busy – which is an awesome thing for business, but a very sad thing for my blog!

since matt and tara’s wedding, I’ve shot 6 weddings and over 20 portrait sessions!! that is a lot of beautiful images missing from this blog (but can be found on my facebook page!). I apologize. this blog is so important, as it serves as a place for me to tell a brief story of all the people I’ve had the opportunity to photograph. but I’ll be honest – lots of sessions means lots of editing, and when I’m not shooting and editing, I’m a mom to three kids under the age of 5. oh, and I have a husband and family and friends who like to see me too:)so that means my blog takes a backseat – but it is my hope to have this blog caught up by the beginning of 2012, so I can start off the new year with a clean slate (dare I call this a resolution??). For now, I’m sharing a quick image from a lovely maternity session this evening in Newport.