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{ Dave and Katie }


Once upon a time, there was a chic, sophisticated, ambitious woman named Katie and a handsome, tech-savvy, bald man named Dave. Though they were both successful in their own right, they each knew there was something missing. Fed up with the bar scenes, blind dates and other lame attempts at finding companionship, they listened to the commercials, headed to cyberspace, and created profiles on e-Harmony, searching for true love. The last nudge of fate came from their friends. Jay (the Best Man) acted as cupid on Dave’s account and “chose” Katie by clicking on her profile. Meanwhile, Kim (Maid of Honor) prodded and encouraged Katie to “get out there,” citing many cliches such as “you’re not getting any younger,” yada, yada, yada. On February 18, 2008, the stars, Sun and all other elements of the solar system aligned in one cosmic blast and the two destined souls met. At first, this “meeting” took place over chat and emails while confirming the 49 dimensions of compatibility. Gradually they progressed and before they knew it, they were driving to meet each other for the first time over coffee. This day was unlike any other day because on this Sunny Sunday a promise would be fulfilled. Upon entering Coffee Sensations and locking eyes, it was immediately clear to both of them that they had met before, possibly in another life. The next few hours were filled with as much of their lives as they could fit into conversation, while comfortably sipping their overpriced lattes. Though they had to part ways that day, it was not long before they saw each other again. In fact, it became a daily occurrence when they realized that life was infinitely better when they were together. Their lives continued as life does, with highs and lows. The difference was they now had each other and that alone made everything better. Slightly before their two year anniversary, Dave asked Katie if she would be his wife, and with an enthusiastic ‘yes’ the next chapter began. Shortly thereafter (5 minutes), Katie began planning the wedding and Dave began planning the website. They soon decided to become one, on 1.1.11 surrounded by friends and family in beautiful, downtown San Francisco, California. Their hobbies include traveling, enjoying Chinese cuisine, long walks on the beach and feeding their cats, Max and Moe their favorite treat, Greenies®.

{ RC and KJ }


I had been living the single life for a couple of years, not looking for anything serious. My best friend of many, many years had preached to me (as she had done quiet often) that I needed to start meeting new people, and as she says “Turn my light on.” She said, “KJ, you need to say yes to every opportunity to do new things. Even if you don’t want to go, or think you are too busy to do something, do it anyway! You never know who you will meet.” Those words ring in my head every time I think about how RC and I met. We were meant to meet that day, although our love would take the slow track to us actually being together… It was January of 2004; a friend of mine asked me if I would go to a dinner party with him. It was his friend’s birthday dinner, but there would be people there that he didn’t know so well and he wanted me to go with him. Hhmmmm…. so many reasons for me to say NO: He only gave me 2 days notice and I had to work on the night of the dinner. I wasn’t going to know ANYBODY there. I had to drive to Carson City (and actually get & follow directions to his house). AND…they were going out for sushi, which I DID NOT like or care to try. I should just work my shift, make money, and not go to this dinner that is going to take a lot of gas, and make me sit with a bunch of people that I don’t know and eat food that I don’t like. Doesn’t sound like fun to me! Then my best friend’s voice rings in my head… “say YES to EVERYTHING”… uugghh…. “Ok,” I told him, “I will go, if I can get my shift covered.” And, of course the shift got covered, which meant now I have to put my smile on while eating sushi…what???? Here I go, driving out to Carson City to meet up with my friend and then head to the restaurant. There were 10 of us at the dinner table. The birthday girl just happened to have the same last name as me, ‘McIntosh’, spelled the same way, which I hardly ever see! Coincidence? I ended up sitting right across from a handsome dark haired, dark eyed man, RC. But it wasn’t his looks that struck me, (he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, which I still tease him for) it was his kindness and attentiveness. He noticed that I was struggling looking at this boat full of sushi and not knowing what any of it was. He didn’t make of big deal of it, he just politely starting talking to me about what each roll was. And suggesting things I might like. Then when the restaurant ran out of the only beer on the menu I knew, Newcastle, he offered for me to try his Japanese beer to see if I liked it. I thought that was so sweet considering I was a complete stranger. After dinner we all moved to another bar. I was doing my own thing (which I always did), hanging out, when RC came over to me, pulled up a chair and we started chatting. It became apparent to me midway through our conversation that this was no ordinary “bar talk” or “casual conversation.” When we spoke to each other, we stared at each other. Like we were the only to people in the room. We were connected from the beginning. After that night, RC would come to visit me in Reno. In fact, the very next night he came to the bar where I worked. Now, I am a very strong, independent woman and at that time was very much “in control” of myself, if you will. But when I saw him walk through the door, my stomach did back flips! I mean, I got NERVOUS! Which was not like me at all! It was like my heart knew I was connected to this man and that my life was about to change. I was like a schoolgirl excited about her boy crush. He stayed until I got off work and we had more deep, meaningful conversation into the early morning hours. It was so crazy to me, how in tune we were. I mean, we talked about everything, as if we’d known each other forever! RC also came into Reno many times to take me to lunch; we liked to go to Chili’s. And no joke, the few times we ate there we got sat at the same exact table every time!! We would laugh about it each time, as if it was a reminder that this is no coincidence. It’s a sign. And again, we would sit there talking, staring at each other, smiling and laughing like we were in some kind of blissful bubble! And for the next 3 months things went along exactly like that. Now here is where the phrase “timing is everything” comes in. When I met RC, I already had plans to move to Las Vegas at the end of April. And that was not going to change. I had promised myself a long time ago that I would not make big decisions based on a man. So I moved away. The night before I drove out of town, RC was holding me in his arms and told me he loved me for the first time. “I love you too,” I said, “I’m going to miss you.” And I did, more than I could have imagined. I was miserable except for the few times he came to visit me. I stayed in Las Vegas for eight months until finally moving back to Reno. In the meantime, RC had decided to pursue a career in fire fighting and get out of Carson City. I supported his dreams as he then moved (a few days after I moved home) to Huntington Beach, CA. This meant more long distance relationship. Six months went by with me back in Reno and RC now in So Cal, when we decided we couldn’t do it anymore. We wanted and needed to be in the same city to actually date each other on a regular basis and actually BE in love. So, in December of 2005 I packed up a U Haul and moved to be with the man I loved! I was scared to death, but followed my heart. I trusted myself and knew I wanted to be next to him for the rest of my life. OUR ENGAGEMENT – November 1st, 2010…RC and I went up to Ventura, CA for what he told me at the time was for a dinner honoring his uncle. He had scheduled a couples massage for us during the day before the big dinner. It was a beautiful Sunday; we went downtown, walked around to various shops, sat in the grass and watched the Mariachi bands and the Mexican dancers. It was Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican Holiday. After our relaxing massage, RC asked me if we could go to the church and say a prayer. I said of course. We have been to the church many times to say prayers for our family and friends; especially for his Dad who is a soldier and was stationed in Iraq for a year, and for his brother who is also a soldier and was stationed in Afghanistan for a year as special teams for the army and who came home with a purple heart. We are so proud and thankful they both made it home. This church is also where RC and his brother went for school as young boys. We walked through the beautiful courtyard and garden area into the church. Once in the church, RC knelt down in the front of the chapel to say his prayer as I sat in the front pew. After a few moments, he got up and came over to me. He asked me if I would say a prayer with him, and I replied of course I would.:)He stopped me at the alter and took me by both hands. He started telling me how he loved me with all of his heart, as a few tears rolled down his face, and how he had lost me once and never wanted to be away from me again. He said babe, there are a million ways I could have done this but this church means so much to me. It brought my Dad home safe from Iraq and my brother home safe from Afghanistan. It brought me to you, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. By this time he was sobbing. He reached into his pocket, knelt down on one knee and blubbered, “I love you so much babe, will you marry me?” In shock, I knelt down with him and whispered in his ear YES! As it turns out, the organ player was still up in the rafters from Sunday mass and saw RC get down on his knee, he started playing the organ as RC and I stood up, embraced each other and walked back down the aisle and outside!:)There was no big dinner for his uncle; it was all a hoax!:)He and I had a beautiful dinner just the two of us at a yummy oceanfront seafood restaurant. We were on cloud 9, as we sat and talked and stared at each other, smiling the whole time. The way it’s always been. AND NOW…. to be Mr. and Mrs. Castro…Our wedding date is set for May 21, 2011 in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We chose a destination wedding because the whole idea of it embodies who we are as a couple – fun loving, easy going, and romantic. We love love the beach, and we love love vacation!! Haha So we wanted to commit to each other for the rest of our lives in front of our close family and friends in a tropical laid back environment. Now, even though we chose a destination wedding in a tropical location, I still want to have a very romantic, classic theme. With deep red, brown, and some flashes of a bright blue colors. My bridesmaids and I have chosen the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses! I cannot wait to see it all come together! I am a woman who loves feeling connected; connected to my friends, connected to RC, and connected to the decisions I make in my life. And this journey will be no different. I would LOVE LOVE for the two of you to capture the whole adventure on film. What a story this will be……

{Scott and Laura}


Love Story “Forbidden in S.I.N.” is not normally the first phrase that springs to mind when describing a scientific research experience, but this is exactly how Laura and Scott met. Scott was a teaching assistant and Laura a student in the Stanford Intensive Neuroscience (S.I.N.) class that begins each student’s graduate career in the Neuroscience Program at Stanford. They quickly fell in love in this romantic setting of petri dishes and pipettes. Fortunately the course only ran for two weeks, so it was not long before they could turn away from the microscopes and spend time together outside of the lab, going for runs in the hills around Stanford, cooking, hiking and gardening together. For their first date, they went to a pumpkin patch near Half Moon Bay on the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco. Remembering this, on their third anniversary Scott proposed on that same beach near Half Moon Bay. We feel every engagement story has two sides, the perfect “romantic” side that gets presented to the world and “the rest” of the story that includes the close-calls, disasters and humor that make sharing your life with someone so much fun. In the “romantic” story, Scott proposed on the beach at sunrise, Laura swooned with joy and said yes. They walked up the bluffs to the Ritz Carlton where they ate brunch overlooking the waves breaking below. After brunch they walked along the dunes talking about their future life together before calling friends and family to share the good news. In “the rest” of the story, Scott and Laura walked up the beach while Scott worked up the courage to propose. He was promptly interrupted when someone’s dog poked Laura in the back of the legs, leading to a long interlude talking with strangers. Eventually they were alone again and when Scott finally popped the question, Laura nearly passed out from the shock. Recovering herself, she said yes before asking “what’s that smell?” It turned out to be a dead seal about 10 yards up the beach that Scott had been too nervous to notice. The brunch at the Ritz was delicious and a walk in the fresh air helped Laura recover from the shock and discover the joy underneath it before they both called friends and family. 3) Details about the wedding day We could not imagine a better place to be married than where it all started, at Stanford! We will be married at the historic and picturesque Stanford Memorial Church at 1pm on Saturday, June 18th, 2011. The reception will be held at a private winery, La Rusticana d’Orsa, whose owners have been friends with Laura’s family for several generations. La Rusticana is an idyllic and peaceful world of its own, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains above the town of Los Gatos with views across the San Francisco Bay. The owners have made it their life’s passion to capture the “Old World charm” of a rustic Italian countryside, set in the natural beauty of northern California. What captured our hearts instantly at La Rusticana were the immaculately detailed “nooks and crannies”, each a distinct work of art in itself, such as the millhouse at the base with a restored 12 foot water wheel, the colony of doves, the outdoor masonry wood-fired pizza oven, and the hillside of goats. While the wedding ceremony itself will be traditional, to fit with the formal setting of the church, we intend for the reception to be more relaxed with a Tuscan “rustic elegance” theme. The two of us are never happier than when we are outdoors, and the reception will be entirely outdoors, running from mid-afternoon till dusk. The settings are spectacular, but our number one goal is that the day is enjoyable, memorable and special for guests of all ages. Between the two families there will be at least 16 adorable and loving cousins, nieces and nephews under the age of nine, many of whom will participate in the wedding ceremony. The dinner will be served in a grove of olive trees near the top of the winery. We are still in the preliminary stages of planning, but are thinking along the lines of sunflowers, lemonade and long banquet tables. We cannot help but think that both of these locations are true photographer’s paradises, and hope that you will agree. La Rusticana d’Orsa: http://www.larusticanadorsa.com/ Stanford Memorial Church: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_Memorial_Church

{ Tanner and Jessica }


How We Met! This is the story of how I, a folksy little artist named Jessica, fell in love with an incredibly loving mining man named Tanner. We were both kids then, and it all started in Las Vegas, Nevada. We met at Burkholder Middle School – according to some sloppy 8th grade yearbook signatures we have – but best remember being great friends as freshmen at Foothill High. In fact, I had a crazy crush on Tanner in the 9th grade, but things just never seemed to click…We stayed good friends all through high school though, complaining every year that we never had enough classes together. Senior year pulled us together though, thanks to our Calculus AP class! All summer, prior to the start of the semester, we would meet at my house with some friends to work on our calculus summer assignment. Without even realizing it, I found myself looking forward to calculus group, all because of Tanner. We knew we were both on the same page after he stayed late at my house to watch the epic and ever serious film White Chicks with me – a soon to be classic if you ask us! Ha! Before long, Tanner asked me to be his homecoming date and soon after, his girlfriend! We spent our whole senior year of high school together, going to Disneyland, open-mic nights, watching plenty of movies, eating way too much ice-cream… you get the idea! We’re best friends! Since we graduated, we spent our first year of college together at the University of Nevada, Reno; I transferred back home to Las Vegas forcing us to maintain a distance relationship for more than three years! Even though it takes an eight hour car ride to see each other, we’re the strongest we’ve ever been and have a hope for the future beyond measuring! This October we’ll have spent 5 years together! I guess Tanner planned this crazy thing for over three months, picking out the perfect ring, asking my dad for permission, and coming up with an incredible game plan! The only thing I knew was that Tanner wanted the proposal to be meaningful and personal – and I had no idea when, where, or how he would pull that off! The Proposal! It started with Tanner flying in to surprise me on my 22nd birthday (I had just visited him the previous weekend, so I didn’t expect anything). I stopped by his parents’ house after a long day of work before heading to a “Birthday Dinner” with my parents. Paul, Tina, and I chatted for a bit about the usual stuff – work, school, etc. – me being completely oblivious to the fact that Tanner was in the next room. So we’re chatting away and all of a sudden, Tanner pops out of a door wishing me happy birthday! I jumped up of course to give him the most ecstatic hug of a lifetime! Claiming that the dinner with my parents was just a ploy, he had me change from my heels to some sneakers and led me to his car for dinner. Driving off in sneakers and a pencil skirt, I was very curious as to where we were going! We pulled into a gated community on the foothills of Black Mountain and parked at the end of the street, which was when I realized, HEY! We’ve been here before! Four years ago, Tanner had me climb up part of Black Mountain with him to watch the sunset and overlook the whole Vegas Valley – it was gorgeous to say the least. So, we hiked up part of the mountain that night – me in sneakers and a pencil skirt, and Tanner with a broken flashlight! Once we got to the top, I couldn’t believe it! Tanner had set up a tarp and blankets, lit candles, and had dinner (which he cooked by the way) all ready to eat! So after wrapping me up in blankets and pouring me a glass of my favorite wine – 7 Deadly Zins – I enjoyed fresh strawberries and blackberries while overlooking the valley. Next, he served me a hot plate of “our” dish, Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and garlic bread!!! I was blown away by how much thought he put into everything! Every single detail was so personal! So intentional! So we ate together, cracked jokes, took in the view, and talked about how far we’ve come in our more than four years of dating. Tanner started talking about why he brought me up there, mentioning the amazing ways that God has worked in our relationship and the beautiful transformation we’ve undergone together. He started to fiddle around in his pocket and next thing I know he knelt down in front of me, face to face on top of this mountain, and proposed!!! I said YES!!! (Of Course!)He slid a beautiful, vintage inspired ring on my finger! After giving him a kiss on the forehead and shedding a few tears together, we ate some more food and relaxed! We stayed on top of Black Mountain for a while, overlooking the city and trying to soak in all that had just happened, as if we didn’t want to lose one bit of the experience. Once we hiked back to the car, we went to my house and celebrated with our families who were more than giddy about our adventure! We had dessert and everything together! So there you have it! Tanner gave me quite a story to tell! It’s official! We’re getting married at the Tannenbaum Event Center in Reno this coming winter! We plan on having a vintage inspired wedding on January 16th, 2011 with a classy combo of black, ivory, and shades of green. We’re having a hot chocolate bar too! (Just thought I’d throw that little detail in there for you:)



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Dave and Katie

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Gordon and Joan Lindsay - Hi Scott and Laura,
Many congratulations to you from Bonnie Scotland. Good to ‘see’ you both. You make a lovely couple.

Fondest regards,

Gordon and Joan

Thomas Rogers - I like to vote for Katie and David

Sandra Rogers - Katie and David

Patricia Hamner - won’t let me or my sister vote even though it’s been over 24 hr for me and 48 hrs for my sister. Please cast my vote fcr Dave and Katie

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Brandi Musgrave - It still wouldn’t let me vote today but want to cast a vote for KJ and RC!

Jan Robertson - I vote for Scott and Laura. They look like the most natural couple in the world!

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Thomas Rogers - David and Katie

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Mandy - i vote for KJ and RC!

Megan Martinez - Jess and Tanner!

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jodie strom - Katie and David

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I never got to vote on your site. :( Can you vote for me? KJ & RC. I don’t why it wouldn’t let me???

Love your site!


Jane McIntosh - I’m KJ’s mom….thank you for a great contest! I haven’t been able to vote since day 2 and go into both sites several times a day to try. Didn’t know about this comment area! Please count me in, too!!!

Kym Lim - Voting for KJ and RC. The sweetest couple I know!!!

Brandi Musgrave - Vote for KJ and RC!

Katie Lynn - David and Katie!!

Heather F - I vote for RC and KJ !!!!

Jen Jochim - KJ & RC

Jen Jochim - I vote for KJ & RC!!

Pamela Jochim - KJ & RC

Lin Ho - KJ & RC

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Jamie Pyle - I vote for KJ & RC!!! :)

Jamie Pyle - Voting for KJ & RC

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Megan Martinez - Jessica and Tanner!

Tobias - David & Katie

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R - RC & KJ of course!!

kym Lim - Voting for KJ and RC!!!

Sandra Rogers - David and Katie

Tom Rogers - Katie and Dave

Jane McIntosh - Thank you, Melissa and Eden, for giving all of these engaged, beautiful, madly in love couples the opportunity to be in your contest. What a thrill for them and their friends! Continued success to both of you in all aspects of your lives. And congratulations to all of the couples on the biggest adventure that life can bring! Remember to give 100%….EACH!! Jane-Married 33 years and happiest NOW!

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