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many of you already know my connection to this awesome couple – but for those of you new to my blog, I’ll spend a little time explaining. Michael, well, he is my little brother. Just 16 months younger than I, we have spent the past 26 years as siblings and friends. When any sibling is that close in age, they are almost destined to be close throughout life. Ours is no exception. Melissa, well, her and I met when we were newly 16. Back in 1998!! Long story short? My boyfriend was cheating on me with her, and we got to talking when I called to ask her about it. We have been good friends ever since. So imagine my excitement when, after my matchmaking attempts, they began dating just a few weeks after my husband Trei and I got married. Three years later, they said “I do”, and the rest is history!!

Michael and Melissa are expecting their sweet baby girl on February 18th, 2010 and I am thrilled beyond words to become an Aunt for the first time. I am brought to tears at the mere thought of holding my niece for the first time, and watching as two very important people in my life become parents – and embark on what I have discovered to be an adventure full of love. Deep and unending love. I just can’t wait. Proud is not the right word. Overjoyed, delighted, ecstatic. Yeah, those are good words.

I asked Melissa if she was interested in a little “pre-maternity” session with me while I was in So Cal this past week. She agreed, and we went out for a quick photo sess together. How beautiful is she? I can’t wait to get my camera on her when she is around week 36!! Melissa also happened to ask if I could take a few quick shots of her and Michael together for their Christmas pictures. I grabbed what I could in between Michael complaining about having to model for me:)What you see is a product of our time together. There are two people (and a growing little one!) who mean the world to me. I love you Michael and Melissa and baby Terrano. I can’t wait to meet and hold your precious daughter, and shower her in kisses and love and cute pink baby clothes, and ofcourse, take thousands of photos of her in her lifetime!

Untitled-1A trip down memory lane…..Michael and I in 1987 (I was stylish even back then!) and Melissa and I going to prom in 1999!

Love, Me


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